Refund, Cancellation & Return Policy website is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and not the owner of the products displayed for sale through it. The site always seeks to make the exchange of goods safe and smooth. However, the site does not provide a guarantee on the products sold through it.

The guarantee of products displayed on the site belongs to the original owners who are the vendors, exhibitors and suppliers, each according to its terms and policies.

Therefore, it is recommended that the buyer, and before the completion of the purchase, should communicate directly with the seller, and to review his the terms of sale and warranty of the products to be bought without responsibility on our site.

For our part, we periodically review the accounts of vendors, suppliers and exhibitors, and suspend the account of any of them who we find conclusive evidence against of intention to sell goods that do not conform to our terms of sale, that is contained in the document governing that.


  1. Limitation of Liability of


  1. The site is simply a medium and channel for communication, where users can meet and interact with each other in order to buy and sell goods
  2. cannot be a party to any transaction and is not bound in any way on behalf of any of the seller or purchaser who is using the site.
  3. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that will not hold any liability to users for the content, verbs, reactions, goods or information they display
  4. is not responsible for the non-compliance or conclusion of a contract between users, nor is it responsible for the transfer of legal ownership of any goods from Seller to Buyer, as the contract for the sale of any goods will be bilaterally between the seller and the buyer. does not have the right, authority or interest in any goods at any time, nor shall lie on us any liability or claim in respect of those goods for which a contract was made between the seller and the buyer.
  5. The Site is not responsible for any unsatisfactory or delayed performance by either party or for any loss, malfunction or delay due to goods unavailable or delayed delivery.
  6. The site is not required to solve any dispute between users.
  7. does not control or guarantee the quality, security or legality of any advertised merchandise, nor does it control the veracity of users regarding the content of the goods or what they include in the description of their goods, nor control the ability of sellers to market their goods, nor control the buyer’s payment of the goods .
  8. does not guarantee the quality, value or marketability of the products. It is the responsibility of the seller and buyer to check all goods before selling them.
  9. is not a supplier or manufacturer of any kind of goods sold or purchased on the site and not its owner.
  10. does not represent or guarantee the user’s specifications in terms of their legitimacy, credibility or identity.
  11. The site is not responsible for the safety level of any electronic link outside the site, even if if some link was placed on the site for the purpose of displaying goods on the pages of a third party, and the site does not guarantee the absence of viruses or any destructive means, and that the client acknowledges and agrees that is not responsible for the content contained in such links on the site.
  12. Users must agree on the terms, terms and conditions of delivery and payment between them. does not accept any responsibility for these arrangements and only offers optional shipping and payment services.
  13. does not assume any claims arising from errors or omissions received by third parties.
  14. excludes from its terms and conditions any financial losses and any special damages arising out of your misuse or inability to use the website, and does not assume any liabilities or claims in such cases.
  15. Customer acknowledges and agrees that shall indemnify any of its officers in respect of any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct loss to any party arising out of an act done by the users of the site, and the Client waives irrevocable irrevocability In accordance with the laws in force for any claim in this regard.


  1. Post-Sale Evaluations encourages buyers on the site to give their assessment of sellers and products after each sale is completed. This will help all users to identify good sellers and we will display your feedback with the user’s identity on the site.

It is good for the buyer to add an evaluation of the seller fairly as soon as the item is received.

You agree not to post information that contains racist attacks, curtail cultural value, and any sarcastic comments, nor to post back information to promote off-site sales. If you continue to receive negative feedback, will proceed to cancel your membership on the Site.


  1. Buyer Protection, Refund and Return Policy

The site follows the following policy to help buyers ensure that their purchases are protected:

  1. If the buyer purchases goods, then does not receive his goods or receives goods that are different from what was mentioned on the offer page or is damaged or not working properly, then the buyer can request protection under this policy of returning the goods so that he can return them and get refunded with all the money that he has paid.
  2. All you (the buyer) have to do in this case is to contact the seller during the agreed period starting from the date of receipt of the commodity you want to return, and make sure that the item remains inside the original packaging and the same situation that you received it without using or be worn by you.


  1. If you (the buyer) are sure that the item you wish to return is damaged or not working correctly or does not match the description provided by the seller on the site, you will receive all the money that you paid as the price of the goods in addition to the shipping costs that you have paid when you buy this item.


  1. After receipt of your communication by the site’s management, the necessary information will be used to verify the case and its details. In the event that it is determined by us that the seller is a fraudulent buyer, the site of may stop, cancel or block the seller’s access to the website. We also have the right to charge the seller the costs of the buyer’s compensation, shipping and delivery costs according to the bill of lading and any additional fees. The site reserves the right to take additional steps if necessary, including legal steps.
  2. Customer acknowledges and agrees that if any item from the buyer is returned to the Site, and that the Product was illegal, then shall have the right, without liability, to damage the good or to take any other necessary steps.


In case the return is due to an error the seller is responsible for or a problem with the sent product

If the buyer objects during the period of protection from receipt of the application

  • The Seller shall bear the shipping charges paid to ship the item to the buyer and the shipping charges for returning the item to him

If the buyer has objected after the period of protection from receipt of the application, and only if the return of the product is approved by the site

  • The Buyer pays the shipping charges that you paid to ship the item to him
  • The Seller shall bear the shipping charges for returning the item to him


  1. Warranty Policy

All products whose manufacturers may provide a warranty period such as electronic goods sold directly from the store or shipped by may enjoy a warranty from the seller and with no liability from the site. The warranty period for goods with this warranty will be stated on the item’s page.

You should always be careful to keep the original packaging of the item in order to ensure taking benefit of the warranty provided by the seller (if any).

The seller shall state his guarantee policy and warranty period clearly on each commodity provided in the offer note of the commodity. The seller shall bear any special charges for any defects that may be present in the goods that he sells or to replace them in another manner, bearing the costs of returning the freight to the buyer.


  1. Approval and Cancellation of Applications

The Site reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason whatsoever. Seller may confirm or reject the sale order from his part. We may ask the buyer to provide additional information or documentation including, but not limited to, phone number and address details, additional and detailed information on the method of payment and related documents. The site may cancel the purchase order if the buyer fails to respond to telephone calls to confirm his request by the site’s management or shipping partners. He is not entitled to ask the site to confirm the request after cancellation or request to re-send it after being returned by the shipping company.

The site reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed requests if a long period of time passes from the date of the purchase order


  1. Returned Goods reserves the right to dispose, destroy, liquidate or resell any of the seller’s goods within sixty days after receiving it from the shipping company if the products are returned or not received from buyers for any reason, provided that the seller is notified of the products mentioned and returned by sending a message to the email provided from the seller and the seller did not take the necessary procedures to receive them. This paragraph is an explicit authorization of to display the products without any objection from the sellers and without any liability on the website. In addition, reserves the right to deduct any fees or amounts from Seller’s account or claim that may be incurred by clearing the above mentioned goods.



Approval with the Selling Policy of the Site

Once registered on the site, all sellers are considered in approval with, and are abide by the mechanism and policy and terms of sale on the site and contained in this document